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Land Dispute Resolution

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About This Case

It was a Land Dispute Resolution case about two neighbors whereby some portion of land was taken from our client.


Mr. John Kariuki

Situation: Mr. John Kariuki, a diligent entrepreneur, found himself entangled in a complex land dispute that threatened his property rights. He owned a prime piece of land in Nairobi’s rapidly developing suburbs, which had been in his family for generations. However, a neighboring developer, Mr. Mwangi, claimed ownership of a portion of Mr. Kariuki’s land, asserting that it was sold to him by a distant relative of Mr. Kariuki’s family.


The challenge was twofold: establishing the historical ownership of the land and resolving the boundary dispute, all while preserving Mr. Kariuki’s property rights and preventing any potential encroachments.

Our Approach

Our Approach: Recognizing the complexity of the case and the significance of preserving our client’s property rights, P. K Kamau & Co. Advocates took a methodical and strategic approach:

1. Thorough Documentation:

We meticulously reviewed all historical documents related to the land, including title deeds, land surveys, and family records. This comprehensive documentation was instrumental in establishing the true ownership history.

2. Expert Witnesses:

To further bolster our case, we engaged expert witnesses, including land surveyors and historians, who could provide testimony on the historical ownership and land boundaries.

3. Mediation Attempts:

In the interest of achieving a swift and amicable resolution, we initiated mediation proceedings between Mr. Kariuki and Mr. Mwangi. Our experienced mediators facilitated open communication and negotiation between the parties, aiming for a mutually acceptable solution.

4. Litigation Preparedness:

Simultaneously, we prepared for potential litigation. Our legal team gathered evidence, prepared legal briefs, and identified key legal arguments to defend Mr. Kariuki’s property rights in court if necessary.


The Outcome: Through persistent efforts and a commitment to upholding our client’s rights, we achieved a successful resolution:

1. Ownership Confirmation: Our thorough research and documentation proved beyond a doubt that Mr. John Kariuki was the rightful owner of the disputed land, dating back generations. This was substantiated by expert witnesses and historical records.

2. Mediation Success: Thanks to our mediation efforts, Mr. Kariuki and Mr. Mwangi reached a mutually agreeable settlement. Mr. Mwangi recognized Mr. Kariuki’s ownership rights and withdrew his claim.

3. Legal Protection: While mediation was successful, we had prepared a strong legal case to defend our client’s rights in court if the need had arisen. This legal preparedness acted as an additional layer of protection for Mr. Kariuki.


The successful resolution of this complex land dispute not only reaffirmed Mr. John Kariuki’s property rights but also showcased the expertise and dedication of P. K Kamau & Co. Advocates in safeguarding the rights and interests of our clients. Our commitment to a thorough understanding of the law, meticulous documentation, and innovative dispute resolution techniques allowed us to protect property rights and preserve the legacy of a valuable piece of land for our client. This case underscores the importance of professional legal representation in securing property rights and resolving land disputes. If you’re facing a similar challenge, trust in our experience and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for your property rights.

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