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Personal Injury Compensation

Pursuing Justice for an Injured Client

About This Case

Our client was involved in an accident with a drunk driver while going to work


Ms. Sarah Mwangi

Situation: Ms. Sarah Mwangi, a dedicated healthcare worker, was involved in a severe car accident while commuting to work. The accident left her with debilitating injuries, mounting medical bills, and an uncertain future. The accident was caused by a reckless driver who was later found to be under the influence of alcohol. Seeking justice and compensation for her injuries, Ms. Mwangi turned to P. K Kamau & Co. Advocates for legal assistance.



The challenge was to hold the negligent driver accountable, secure compensation for Ms. Mwangi’s medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering, and ensure her long-term well-being.

Our Approach

Recognizing the gravity of the situation and the importance of advocating for Ms. Mwangi’s rights, P. K Kamau & Co. Advocates took a compassionate yet resolute approach:


1. Comprehensive Evaluation:

We conducted a thorough evaluation of Ms. Mwangi’s injuries and the impact on her life. This included consulting medical experts to assess her current and future medical needs.


2. Investigation:

Our legal team conducted a comprehensive investigation into the accident. This involved collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and collaborating with accident reconstruction experts to establish liability.


3. Legal Action:

We filed a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver, seeking compensation for Ms. Mwangi’s medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.


4. Negotiation and Mediation:

While preparing for litigation, we also engaged in negotiations and mediation with the insurance company representing the negligent driver. Our goal was to reach a fair settlement that would address Ms. Mwangi’s immediate and long-term needs.


The successful resolution of this personal injury case demonstrated the importance of pursuing justice for injured clients:

1. Accountability and Liability:

Through our investigation and legal action, we established the negligent driver’s liability, holding them accountable for their reckless actions.


2. Compensation for Damages:

We secured a substantial compensation package for Ms. Mwangi, covering her extensive medical bills, lost income during her recovery, and providing financial support for her ongoing care and rehabilitation.


3. Closure and Justice:

The resolution of the case provided Ms. Mwangi with a sense of closure and justice, allowing her to focus on her recovery and future well-being.


4. Improved Safety Awareness:

The case served as a reminder of the importance of responsible driving and the consequences of negligence, contributing to improved safety awareness in the community.

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Firm’s Presentation


The successful pursuit of justice and compensation for Ms. Sarah Mwangi exemplified the commitment of P. K Kamau & Co. Advocates to advocating for injured clients and holding negligent parties accountable. This case showcased our dedication to securing the rights and well-being of individuals who have suffered due to the negligence of others. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, trust in our experience and determination to help you pursue justice and obtain the compensation you deserve.