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Recovering Damages for a Consumer

Consumer Protection

About This Case

Consumer Protection case study for a client who purchased a faulty car


Ms. Jane Wambui

Situation: Ms. Jane Wambui, a diligent consumer, purchased a brand-new vehicle from a well-known dealership in Nairobi. Shortly after the purchase, she began experiencing a series of mechanical issues that significantly impacted the car’s performance and safety. Despite multiple attempts to resolve the issues with the dealership, her concerns were dismissed, and the problems persisted. Feeling frustrated and concerned for her safety, Ms. Wambui sought legal counsel to protect her rights as a consumer.



The challenge was twofold: to prove that the dealership had sold a defective vehicle and to recover damages for Ms. Wambui, including the cost of repairs and compensation for the distress and inconvenience she had endured.

Our Approach

Recognizing the importance of consumer protection and the need for a strong legal case, P. K Kamau & Co. Advocates adopted a strategic approach:

1. Comprehensive Documentation:

We meticulously documented all interactions between Ms. Wambui and the dealership, including repair records, correspondence, and service reports. This comprehensive documentation formed the basis of our case.

2. Expert Assessments:

To substantiate Ms. Wambui’s claims of a defective vehicle, we engaged independent automotive experts to assess and provide expert opinions on the mechanical issues and safety concerns.

3. Legal Remedies:

We conducted a thorough review of consumer protection laws and regulations to identify potential legal remedies. This included provisions related to warranties, product liability, and consumer rights.

4. Negotiation and Legal Action:

We initiated negotiations with the dealership, presenting our evidence of the vehicle’s defects and the harm caused to our client. When negotiations did not yield a satisfactory resolution, we prepared for legal action.


The successful resolution of this consumer protection case showcased the importance of legal advocacy in safeguarding consumer rights:

1. Defective Vehicle Acknowledgment:

Based on the evidence presented, the dealership acknowledged the existence of significant defects in the vehicle, which they had previously denied.

2. Compensation for Damages:

Through negotiations and legal action, we secured compensation for Ms. Wambui, covering the cost of vehicle repairs, as well as additional compensation for the inconvenience and distress she had endured.


3. Legal Precedent:

This case set a legal precedent that emphasized the importance of consumer protection and the legal recourse available to consumers when faced with defective products.


4. Improved Consumer Relations:

As a result of this case, the dealership implemented better quality control measures and improved its consumer relations practices, benefitting future consumers.


The successful recovery of damages for Ms. Jane Wambui highlighted the importance of consumer protection laws and the role of legal advocacy in safeguarding consumer rights. P. K Kamau & Co. Advocates demonstrated its commitment to protecting consumers from unfair practices and defective products. This case underscores the significance of seeking legal counsel when faced with consumer issues and serves as a testament to our dedication to delivering justice and upholding consumer rights. If you’ve encountered consumer-related challenges, trust in our experience and commitment to defending your rights and interests.

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